Acumen Risk Capabilities

Accurate, Reliable Risk Modeling

Based on the proven Acumen approach to risk assessment, Acumen Risk is incredibly powerful, analyzing thousands of activities in seconds while accounting for scope uncertainty, work complexity, risk events, weather events and opportunities. Acumen Risk is user friendly eliminating the statistical and logical complexities of building risk models against large project schedules.

Uncertainty Factor Approach

With the Acumen Uncertainty Factor approach project teams can focus on collaborating on the true inputs into the risk model rather than getting bogged down in statistical “analysis-paralysis”.

The Risk Adviser™

The Risk Adviser recommends uncertainty settings for each activity or activity group based on schedule quality, past performance, an Acumen Fuse metric, or even a field within the schedule. Use the recommendations to fast-track the risk loading process or simply as a point of reference for manual uncertainty assignments.

Meaningful Risk Reports

Risk Exposure

Identify probabilistic completion dates and required contingency at any selected confidence level.

Risk Drivers

Find out the driving risk events and which activities have the highest risk exposure. Even identify whether risk exposure is due to a risk event, logic (the knock-on effect of predecessor risk), or uncertainty.

Risk Comparison

Compare the S-curves or distribution of any number of scenarios such as: mitigated vs. non mitigated, Option A vs. Option B, or different network paths to identify which carry the most risk driving out the completion date (e.g., facilities vs. pipeline).

Uncertainty Inputs

Does the team think the schedule is aggressive (requires more time than scheduled) or conservative (requires less time than scheduled)? How much of the schedule has been flagged as realistic? Find out quickly with the Uncertainty Inputs report.

Risk Sensitivity

Quickly assess the relationship between durations and/or costs by generating a scatter chart showing their interaction. Add a Joint Confidence Level (JCL) curve to the view to gain insight into the probability of meeting cost and schedule commitments.

Integrated Risk Register

Easily identify, score, and track risk events in both current state and target or mitigated state with the Acumen Risk risk register. Map events to the activities they affect for true insight into impact on the schedule. Evaluate the overhead of mitigation plans to determine if their benefit outweighs their cost.

Unrivaled Performance

From input to reporting, Acumen Risk performs up to five times faster than current risk analysis software and includes access to the reliable updates and product support Acumen is known for.

Deltek Acumen Risk – Powerful analytics, consistently accurate results.