Acumen Fuse Capabilities

The Standard of Standards in Project Diagnostics

Deltek Acumen Fuse takes project analysis beyond rudimentary checks and lists, pinpoint and resolve any project shortcomings in a matter of minutes.

Acumen Fuse provides a single source for:

Managing complex projects and portfolios

Fuse provides diagnostics for tens of thousands of activities across multiple projects and platforms – giving you a true view of the program as a whole.

Aligning expectations and communications

Fuse offers owners and contractors alike an immediate view of project health, and options for improvement meaning at the end of the day a realistic, achievable IMS (integrated master schedule) that the entire team has confidence in.

Evaluating and Ensuring Project Compliance

Fuse provides the analysis and benchmarking necessary to comply with government and industry standards, including many metrics that are actual government standards such as the DCMA (Defense Contract Management Agency) 14 Point Assessment and the GAO (Government Accountability Office) Scheduling Best Practices.

Improving project quality and schedule scores

The Fuse schedule cleanser removes constraints, redundancies and lags to create a free-flowing realistic schedule that better scores against scheduling standards and best practices.

Comparing projects and identifying variances

Fuse forensic analysis examines any activity attribute across any number of schedules to identify changes and evaluate their impact on the project, telling you not only what changed and why, but also the effect of those changes.

One Stop Shop for Project Diagnostics

With checks for schedule, cost, earned value, risk, and performance, Fuse provides comprehensive insight into the project as a whole, or more targeted detail through slice-and-dice analytics on any activity grouping and on any time segment.

Fast and meaningful project reporting

With Fuse, communicate project quality, status and performance trending with a single click through professional reports published to PDF, Microsoft® Office, the web, or even third party applications such as Crystal Reports and Microsoft® Sharepoint.

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Acumen Fuse helps you see it all so you can develop and execute the soundest schedules possible with consistent success.